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Asset management

Asset management


How to speed up the process of inventory? Every organisation (company, school or agency) is met with the task of managing assets at least once a year. The data captured through inventory influences organisation's capital structure as well as business results, which implies that inventory has to be 100 % accurate. All assets have to be registered as their state is compared with the books. After being brought into line, received data is later included into financial statement.

Features & benefits

Easy inventory and ensured accuracy

Includes all the key components of a fast and accurate inventory (mobile terminal, software and labels).

Shorter inventory time

Effective inventory of assets with minimal clicking.

Work with multiple terminals simultaneously

Captured data from all terminals is processed within the Asset Management software first and later transferred into your ERP.

Overlook into the state of inventory

Reviewing inventory's current situation is enabled as well as simultaneous viewing (several editing panes can be opened simultaneously).

Modification analysis

Fast and clear analysis of modifications (processed, write-off, damaged label, relocation of an asset, charged personnel).


Advanced and fast filtering of data within the PC part of the software.

Creation of reports

The system enables analysis of reviews and reporting.


On-screen preparation and printing of different reports.

Data exchange

Customization of data files obtained from your ERP and their transfer onto terminals. Import of txt, csv and dat data files. Export of pdf, html, mht, rtf, xls, xlsx, csv, txt and graphical data files.

Additional data for accounting

Possibilty of additional data fields: location, category and assets. Examples of data fields: purchase date, serial number, account, value according to the books, ownership, charged personnel).

Partial inventory

Possibility of carrying out partial inventories.

Security copies

Saving data from current and previous inventories, creation of security copies.


The simplest way to start!

  • Asset Management for organisations with up to 10.000 assets
  • review of all assets
  • location definition
  • import of asset's current state from your ERP
  • moving of assets between locations
  • small assets inventory
  • multi-level locations
  • additional data for accounting
  • moving of assets between groups
  • asset's additional data (damaged label, write-off, notes)
  • import of asset's additional data
  • printing of predesigned labels directly from asset management software

Elegant solution for businesses.*

  • asset management for organisations with over 10.000 assets
  • simultaneous asset managment of several different companies
  • RFID asset management

* In addition to Standard Edition

The most powerful business tool.*

  • development of customized asset management software

* In addition to Standard or Advanced Edition

Core FeaturesAdd on's

PC Application

Asset Management

Small assets inventory

RFID tags

MOBOS Web Service

Location definition

Additional data for Accounting

Handheld Application

Overlook into the state of inventory

Advanced and fast filtering of data

Data exchange

Printing of reports

Modification Analysis

Label printing




MOBOS Mobility as a priority

MOBOS Mobility as a priority

MOBOS is a software package that enables rapid deployment of turnkey solutions. This allows seamless workflow in time-critical operations such as; warehousing (shipping & receiving), inventory (of fixed assets, classical and mobile storage), route accounting (with direct selling from vehicles, collection of orders in the field, merchandising surveys, monitoring of production, the production lines, work orders and the current status of production), tracking (raw materials, products and merchandise). More ...

  • Zebra
  • CipherLab
    Intermec by Honeywell
    Intermec by Honeywell
    Datamax O'Neil
    Datamax O'Neil
    Motorola Solutions
    Motorola Solutions

Web ordering

B2B system for simple and fast ordering of barcode and RFID equipment

Mobile Solutions

MOBOS offers pre-built solutions to help enterprises improve business instantly

Expert's advice

Barcode and RFID for a fast, easy and reliable hardware data transfer


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